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Nice to Meet You

Hi - I’m Sophia! In 2014, I developed serious complications from the flu. I was 10-years-old and I had to get lung surgery, a chest tube, a lung drain and had a long hospital stay at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. 


Hi - I’m Bronwyn! When I was 9 years-old, I had brain surgery to repair a malformation in my blood vessels. It was tiring and painful because I couldn’t lift my head. I didn’t want to watch TV. Ever. After my surgery, I stayed at The Seashore House, where I received a lot of help from The Child Life Specialists!

Our Story

During our stay at CHOP, child life specialists helped us stay occupied. They provided toys, game time, comfort, and distraction from fear, pain and boredom. When we were sick our moms, Colleen and Cory, reconnected from high school on social media. After recovery, we met and instantly shared a desire to give back - and CHOP DROP was born.


As two former patients, we’re hoping that our efforts can make kids have a little bit more fun and alleviate the pain that we know so well.

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