CHOP DROP is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing comfort to hospitalized children through the collection and donation of toys and educational items. Each summer, we facilitate drives within our communities to benefit the Child Life Department of the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania.


We know firsthand how emotionally draining it can be to experience extended hospital stays. Hospitalization can be extremely stressful, and CHOP Drop’s donations offer opportunities for fun and relaxation. We can’t make our efforts successful without the help of our community. 

Due to COVID, Chop Drop 2021 will be a little different. To best help the Child Life Specialist team at CHOP, we will be collecting monetary donations throughout the summer, and we will be using those donations to purchase the items for Child Life from our partners at Learning Express in Blue Bell, Collegeville and Bucks County..

At the end of the summer, games, activities, crafts etc. will be bought at local Learning Express toy stores with your monetary donations and delivered directly to Child Life the day of purchase to ensure for safety and good measure.


We look forward to collaborating with you again this summer! Let's raise as much money as we can so we can supply Chlld Life for their many patients.